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"But perhaps today that is what is more needed than anything else, to find and open spaces to sit and be together in our incompleteness, to abide together."

– Stevphen Shukaitis, “Refusing Completion: A Conversation”, e-flux journal #116, March 2021.

I’ve been thinking about the incompleteness of things: of thoughts, ideas, notes, collected research, texts.... and, specifically in the way it's talked about in this essay conversation between Fred Moten, Stefano Harvey and Stevphen Shukaitis in e-flux journal #116 (March 2021).

The last year has been a time where I felt the most scattered. Instead of resisting this scatteredness and ongoing sense of incompleteness with my projects and works, I'm embracing it. In the conversation between Moten, Harvey and Shukaitis, they also talk about time lags and rhythmic irregularities with writing and creating. Moten says, "We use the gaps and pauses as ways to think more clearly and more effectively with one another and by way of one another and past the separation of one another. There's a rhythm. Definitely. But it's an irregular rhythm." Thinking about this, together with amplified feelings of shared loneliness and isolation, is what inspired me to turn inward with my approach to archiving in the last year.

-Nechama Winston


Voice: Jason (Kyung) You

Text inspired by:
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“Refusing Completion: A Conversation”, March 2021, Fred Moten, Stefano Harvey, and Stevphen Shukaitis

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